Presentations and Workshops

Professional dynamic presentations on better research skills and using digital technologies in presentations.

Both long term and immediate “take away” value, guaranteed.

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  • Integrating Information Literacy into the Curriculum for IB Schools
  • Educators and Students Who Learns Differently
  • GoogleSmart©
  • WikipediaWise©
  • Plagiarism
  • Digital Tech for the Classroom: Wordle©, VoiceThread©, Storybird©, Glogster©,©, Spicynodes©, Mindmaster, Voki©,©, more!
  • LibGuides & Pathfinders
  • Research Strategies
  • Preparing the High School Students for Academic Research
  • Your topic? Contact me for information.


  • Using digital media to present research findings
  • Research with the Learning Different population
  • Plagiarism, copyright, and ethical attribution
  • Teaching teachers how to use Google and Wikipedia appropriately
  • Your topic? Contact me for information.
  • All presentations with the learning different student in mind

For Subject Area/Division Groups

  • Custom Pathfinders (LibGuides)
    • Research for your field using subscription and free resources
    • College-ready approach
  • Digital Presentation programs
    • Glogster©, Voci©, Slideshare©, Powerpoint©, iMovie©, more!
  • Research resources
    • Evernote©, diigo©, Spicynodes©, more!


  • Research tactics for specific topics and general approach
    • Finding information
    • Evaluating information
    • Ethical citations
  • Plagiarism & Copyright
  • GoogleSmart©
  • WikipediaWise©
  • NoodleBib for bibliographic citations


  • What resources are available to your children?
  • How do they best use these resources?
  • How can they be better prepared for college research?
  • How can you help?
  • EasyBib & NoodleBib (online bibliographic resources)
  • GoogleSmart©
  • WikipediaWise©

For fees and availability, to schedule a group presentation, or to arrange for individual research tutoring:

Kathy Fester, MLIS


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