From Students:

“Thank you Mrs. Fester–you’re the best!!!!” Alex

“You have made researching so much fun for the many years I have been here. You come up with new ways of making research easier and more useful.” Simone

Mrs. Fester with Student

“Thank you for helping me on most of my research papers and for always being able to recommend a book.” Phillip

“Thank you so much. I’ve never met another librarian as committed as you to helping the students.” Macy

“You are a unique and kind person. You did a tremendous job teaching us students.” Ernest

“You are the best librarian ever and one of the greatest teacher, mentor, and friend.” John

“Thank you for teaching me everything I needed to know about citing assignments. I know I will use that skill throughout college.” Eric

“You’ve changed this school more than you’ll ever know!” Katherine

“U R a huge help!” Brittany

“I wouldn’t of passed English all these years without your help on citing.” Tracey

“Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.” Maddy

“Because of your help I have found my love of reading.” Erin

“Thank you so much for helping me with research! The library website is so great.” Ben

“Thank you so much for teaching us NoodleBib. Even though many students have complained about it,  I have oddly enjoyed using it.” Monica

“You helped me so much last year on my Chemistry project and if it weren’t for you I probably would not have gotten a good grade.” Margaret

“Thank you for all the NoodleBib help. I hate NoodleBib but you make it tolerable.”

“You are a kind woman who doesn’t mind to take the extra step to find more information on a research topic for us.” Daniel

“Thank you for your time….you have made life easier for me…and later on in college.” Sam

“Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put into helping any student that has ever needed it! ….Your love and patience is easily noticed!” Libby

“You teaching and knowledge will carry me far into the future. Thank you!!” Preston

“NoodleBib will certainly save me in college, and I have you to thank for it. I enjoyed our interesting conversations on Autism as well.”

Mrs. Fester with a class

“Every time I see you…you have a smile on your face. It has been fun battling works cited with you…Thanks for being that great teacher.” John

“Thank you for always being there to help me out with a paper if I ever needed assistance. I don’t know what I could have done without you.” Matthew

“What I enjoy about you the most is your nurturing and thoughtful personality and your respect and open-mindedness toward everything and everybody.”

From Teachers:

“You are amazing!” Sammie

“”As a teacher, I saw Kathy take the very tedious and sometimes difficult task of citing work and make it into something relatively easy and even enjoyable for the students.  Kathy helped them gain a sense of accomplishment by motivating the students to cite their work and to cite it the correct way.  Kathy worked tirelessly on an iMovie project for an Ethics class I teach.  We did this project for about 4 years, and she was constantly coming up with new ideas and outlets to make the project better.  She eased research for my learning different students by gathering valuable databases and web links and putting them all in one easy to use place.  By the time they finished the Social Issue iMovie project, my freshman in high school had researched and cited their work to a greater degree than anything I did until at least college.  They were well prepared in this aspect for high school and beyond.” Zac Ladd, Ethics Dept. Chair & SARA Instructor

“You are fun! Interesting! And a wonderful gift to us all” MJ

“I wanted to express my appreciation for all the work you did with our students and most of all, the great role model you have been for them.” Jeff

“This is a great site!  There are many strategies there that we use in Reading Comp classes, but there are some other ideas to ponder.  I think there are some wonderful ideas for all content area teachers–some strategies that would work in their particular content areas….Thanks again for always looking out for great stuff for us and the kids!!  You are the best!!!!!!!” Sally

“Thank you so much-it was wonderful and I took a lot of notes.” Maureen

Kathy Fester, MLIS


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