Teaching how to use resources to be independent learners.

Professional dynamic workshops and presentations on better research skills and digital media for schools, groups, and individuals. 

Immediate “take away” value, guaranteed.

Mrs. Fester with Students

The 21st century learner needs to be taught how to navigate the overwhelming resources and digital technologies. Kathy Fester teaches learners how to be independent users of ideas and express themselves creatively. She provides on-site classroom instruction, staff development, and professional education programs.

Kathy is a professional information literacy instructor, certified* teacher librarian, presenter at  local and national conferences, school in-service days, educational development seminars, a university guest lecturer While currently an Adjunct Reference and Instruction Librarian at Adelphi University, she also has many years as a high school librarian. She also has five years of intensive training and experience in working with the Learning Different population and three years with rigorous International Baccalaureate research students. From a high school student:

“Thank you for your time….you have made life easier for me…and later on in college.” Sam

For fees, availability, or to schedule a presentation or workshop or arrange for private research tutoring, contact:

Kathy Fester, MLIS


*Certified in New York and Texas, and International Baccalaureate


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